Mississippi Adaptive Sports Covering North Mississippi, Memphis and the Mid-South area

Promoting sports for people with
physical disabilities

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Mississippi Adaptive Sports provides sports training, loaner equipment if available, and competiive events. Our program offers individual and team sports for physically disabled athletes from 7 years through adulthood who exhibit cognitive skills at or near age level. There are year round opportunities for both recreation and competitive sports for Athletes with varying degrees of physical abilities. Sports opportunities for youth and adults who use wheelchairs or have other physical disabilities. These disabilities can include visual impairment, amputatees, Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida.

Mississippi Adaptive Sports Covers North Mississippi, Memphis and the Mid-South area including North East Arkansas

Athletes with physical disabilities are no diffrent than any other Athletes. They want to compete, see how far or how fast they can go, gain confidence, develope teamwork skills and health benefits. These are some the rewards of sports.


Athletes will compete with Athletes of the same Class.

Classification is simply a structure for competition. Not unlike wrestling, boxing and weightlifting, where athletes are categorized by weight classes, athletes with disabilities are grouped in classes defined by the degree of function presented by the disability. Traditionally there are athletes who belong to six different disability groups in the Paralympic Movement: amputee, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, spinal cord injuries, intellectual disability and a group which includes all those that do not fit into the aforementioned groups. Classes are determined by a variety of processes that may include a physical and technical assessment and observation in and out of competition. The classes are defined by each sport and form part of the sport rules. Classification is an ongoing process. When an athlete starts competing, they are allocated a class that may be reviewed throughout the athlete's career. Sports certify individuals to conduct the process of classification and these officials are known as classifiers. Since the 1960's, the development of sport for athletes with a disability has produced the development of classification systems; and this continues to evolve to the present day.

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